Students: Wanna learn code? Apply for Treehouse’ $6mn scholarship


Students: Wanna learn code? Apply for Treehouse’ $6mn scholarship

Silicon Valley based Treehouse is an online platform to learn code/enhance one’s skillsets and the company recently announced a global $6mn scholarship program where in 5,000 students globally will be chosen for Treehouse ‘Gold Account Scholarship’ (which is $49/month).

Treehouse hosts online courses on how to design and develop for the web and iOS/Android platforms; and scholarship winners will have free access to Treehouse courses for two years (application form link). You must be a current student or graduated within the past year to apply for the scholarship.


We asked Treehouse founder, Ryan Carson more details regarding the scholarship and importantly, the future of education:

What’s the big vision behind the $6mn contest? 

Ryan Carson: We want to discourage people from going into debt at a university, in order to earn a technology degree that will immediately be out of date. Our hope is that we can encourage some students to consider learning online, at a much more affordable price.
Learning online also allows them to keep their skills continually up to date.

How will you select winners (criteria)?

Ryan Carson: All applicants need to verify their student status. We then pick on a first-come-first-serve basis.

What do you think is the future of education? Do you define education as a set of skill sets (learn <iOs/Android programming>)? 

Ryan Carson: In technology we feel that skills are more important than degrees. Employers are looking to hire people with specific skills like Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, etc. Earning a Computer Science degree, doesn’t mean you have those skills. Learning through Treehouse does give you those specific skills, and then you can keep them up to date as the technology changes, by watching new videos that we release on Treehouse.

3. How does Treehouse recruit teachers? Why not play a platform approach to education (i.e. enable anyone with a skill set to teach)?

Ryan Carson: We look for experts who are great at teaching on camera. This is a very rare skill and it’s hard to find great teachers. We think it’s important to hire full-time Teachers at Treehouse, instead of crowd-source our curriculum. This is because students need a consistent learning experience, from someone they can trust. Allowing anyone to teach on the Treehouse platform would undermine that trust and students couldn’t be sure they were being taught the most current and correct skills.

If you are a student and interested in learning more about web/app development and design, apply for the scholarship.

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