Trevvo Brings Together Basic Business Functions for SMBs

Trevvo brings together business activities such as contact, tasks, files management, lists and a virtual team work-space with Facebook like features.

logoA complete business management tool, is the claim. Trevvo does attempt to bring together a bunch of business activities such as contact management (with basic elements of CRM), task, files management, lists and a virtual team work-space with Facebook like updates on common activities.

It is a simple functional tool for basic functional requirements of most small businesses that want a common platform for the above mentioned tasks. The features are really basic though and at times even incomplete. For instance the task manager does not have a calendar view! It does prompt and email you on an upcoming alert setting. But even that has no granularity in terms of time settings, you can only set by days or weeks.

trevvo screenshot

The contact manager is basic and provides simple CRM features such as follow-up alerts and notes. It is useful to keep the organization on the same page. But it seems to lack access controls that would be essential for an administrator.

An interesting feature is lists. It is as the name suggest a data list of various departmental functions such as sales, leads, accounting etc. It also provides for a pre-built templates and import options. But this is not a spreadsheet and does not provide for such features. One can also embed forms on the website and use it for feedback and surveys.

A provision for individual space and a team space has been provided. One can maintain their private lists, files and tasks. But there is no option to convert this to public or share within the team space feature.

One can create team spaces that really brings all the elements together. This is one of the key features that stand out and is useful in keeping the whole team on same page in terms of various activities.

If you are a small business that wants your sales, finance, operations team to share a common set of contacts, lists and tasks with basic functional features then this is a tool for you. A small business can get started with the free version that should cover all its requirements.

If you are a small business that is looking for a tool specifically for productivity management then you should perhaps try Desktime or the ESS from the Indian startup Ankhorus. (ESS to improve employee productivity)

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