TringMe Enables VoIP on Aircell inflight WiFi service, Blocked in China

TringMe has been blocked in China (the Chinese govt. earlier blocked Skype as well) – it’s extremely popular in China owing to their partnership with a Chinese social network (which has 3 million users).

In another development, TringMe is getting great traction over the recent discussion around the ability to do VoIP when flying in the clouds.

Aircell launched inflight Wi-Fi service and blocked VoIP calls and it seems the only way to make VoIP calls was to use TringMe’s widgets, over Phweet!.

TringMe uses TCP and it was a conscious decision. We developed a sophisticated congestion control and packet handling algorithms which allowed us to achieve the advantage of UDP over a reliable TCP connection at good extent. As Dan and others would have noticed, we send traffic in varying small and larger blocks depending on network conditions which is way different from a typical VoIP traffic patterns.  This kind of pattern was not meant to break any VoIP blockages,  however the goal was to get the best quality even on slower or congested links & we were able to meet the design goal successfully.

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