TringMe Introduces SMS based VoIP solution

TringMe has introduced sms based VOIP solution that enables even low-end phones to make VoIP calls (without installing anything, or without 3G/data connectivity). All one needs to do is send a SMS (containing the phone number) to TringMe and it will connect you to any phone number/Gtalk, SIP URI worldwide.

The solution is currently in alpha phase and is available only in India.

As per the stats :

  1. In developing countries like India, more than 80% mobile users do not have data connection on their mobile.
  2. Smartphones only constituted 10% of the total mobiles sold last year (source: Symbian market share data).

TringMe is following the Bottom of Pyramid route and a service like this will surely increase adoption.

To try out the service, register yourself and send a SMS tringme <US Phone Number> to 9980153695.

More details on TringMe Blog
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