TringMe launches Flash based VoiceXML Platform

TringMe has launched flash based VoiceXML platform that makes life easy for web/Flash developers to harness the power of VoiceXML.

The platform tightly integrates voice and telephony without having to know the intricate details of call-signalling, routing, billing etc.

Developers now get virtually the same out-of-the-box experience since using the TringMe platform. They do not require anything else besides Flash and Web technologies to create rich voice and telephony applications. Whether it’s speech recognition, DTMF or Text-to-speech, TringMe’s solution provides it all so that the application can be really rich is providing the best possible user-interaction. Given the presence of flash all around, the simplicity of ‘distributing’ such widgets without any additional software download or installation makes this solution even more attractive.

Alongwith Flash, the VoiceXML capability is also accessible from Instant Messengers, TringMe MobileVoIP, Phones. In other words, one can use a phone, IM, Browser or any such means to interact with VoiceXML and TringMe platform.

The product is currently in private beta and if you are a web/flash developer, request an invite by leaving your email id in the comment section.

Check out the demo here

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