TringMe launches worldwide numbers – Get a US number without any hassle!

So you have a business in India and have presence across the world – you ever felt that the a local contact number in such countries would give you more reachability and thereby, credibility to your business? Your customers a feeling of comfort that you are merely a local call away?

TringMe now enables its users to get a worldwide number and route US/international number to any destination of their choice including TringMe MobileVoIP, Gtalk, or even regular cell phone or landline (for last option, they need credits in their account)

In simple terms, any TringMe user can request for a phone number from a country of their choice. For e.g. if you want to have a local number in US, you can request for a phone number from US and TringMe will allocate one for you. You can then decide where you want to be reached when someone dials that number. This can be easily configured from your TringMe profile page – calls can be received on any of TringMe’s supported device – MobileVoIP, Instant Messenger (GoogleTalk), on you landline or even on your mobile .
..You can be located anywhere in the world and your friends, family or customers can still reach you on a local number. You may have several incoming telephone numbers used for specific purposes. For example customer service, sales, etc. With TringMe, you can easily route all of these numbers to a single termination point and yet give a mature look to your organization.

The service goes live @ 7 PM IST todayWe have 50 invites to give away, i.e. 50 free USA numbers to first 50 readers of this article who send a mail to mentioning this article (in the subject/body).

Update: Please register @ TringMe and then send your user id along with the mail.

TringMe has received great traction in the last few days (especially over the AirCell WiFi issue/China blockage) and is also working on TTS (Text-to-speech) service.

Surely a kick-butt startup!

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