TringMe’s Mobile VoIP Solution comes out of private beta

TringMe today announced the public availability  of it’s Mobile VoIP  application.

The application utilizes the underlying data network to initiate Mobile VoIP calls. While there are a couple of MobileVoIP applications already , what differentiates TringMe MobileVoIP is that calls can be made to and received from  the all termination options that TringMe supports which include landline and mobile phones, SIP phones, Instant Messengers (Gtalk), Flash Widgets etc.  This gives the user an extended range of flexibility to determine the best options for making and receiving a call from a mobile device.

For example, a TringMe MobileVoIP user can call another user on either MobileVoIP or Gtalk or even on TringMe’s Flash widgets.  Also, a TringMe user can configure his or her personal push-n-talk widget to connect to TringMe’s MobileVoIP client. Anyone clickingtringme on it will directly ring the Mobile Client. Similarly, a Gtalk user can call TringMe’s MobileVoIP user by typing  ‘call <tringme username>’ into Gtalk chat window.

To use TringMe MobileVoIP, point the web browser of your mobile device to . It will automatically download and install the TringMe MobileVoIP application.
Once installed, you can start making calls through TringMe like your regular calls. Just dial, and choose the internet call option on your mobile and you are done.

TringMe supports both WiFi and 3G/2.5G networks.[source]

TringMe is one of those few startups who are competing with few well-funded global players and are executing really fast!

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