TringMe to bring down the Click-to-call price drastically

TringMe has launched an enhanced version of it’s click-to-call service that attempts to bring down the call price drastically.

when a website visitor clicks on the click-2-call link on a website which uses TringMe’s solution, it will simply notify the caller’s phone by a special message using SMS or data network. Once the caller’s phone receives the message, it will automatically initiate the call to the caller and hence meet the same goal at a drastically reduced cost (refer to diagram below). The call can be either cellular or using our MobileVoIP or a combination of both depending on the cheapest method to the caller’s destination. For example, a local call could be cheaper by cellular, and long distance by VoIP (a typical scenario in markets like China & India) and hence be routed accordingly.

Unlike the regular Click-to-call service that originates multiple calls (call-legs), TringMe intelligently notifies the called entity about the caller. Notified entity then automatically initiates a call back to the original Caller. The method of notification can be of any type, including sending an SMS containing the caller details OR using the data network.

Tringme currently supports Nokia Symbian 2nd and 3rd Series phones and will add more in near future (more details).

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