Bangalore based, TringMe introduced TringPhone a few days back and now they have expanded the service to over 50 countries.

TringPhone is a flash based SIP phone which can be configured with any VoIP provider.

“The main premise behind TringPhone is to enable affordable pure web-based telephony that can work via any VoIP/SIP provider. This give the user to choose the best available VoIP provider based on his/her criteria (quality, cost, reliability etc) and switch between VoIP providers without changing the calling interface.”

TringPhone essentially allows user to call anybody in the world at an affordable rate; while TringMe allows one to embed widgets in blog/site, so that anybody can call up directly from the site (unlike Jaxtr).

Calls to US, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapore, Taiwan, European countries are as low as 1 cent, Japan and Korea are 2 cents and to India is merely 5 cents.

TringMe has also launched OpenSocial app for orkut, ning and myspace users.

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