Triplet Siblings Raises Over $280,000 For Medical Supplies In India!

Triplet Siblings Raises Over $280,000 For Medical Supplies In India!

With the COVID-19 cases rising every day, we are seeing more and more people coming forward to help each other — to assist and offer help in every possible way. From children to senior citizens, everyone is doing their part — to ensure that we win this fight soon.

Recently, three Indian-American siblings joined this fight. Founders of a non for profit organisation, Little Mentors, the trio managed to raise more than USD280,000 to send essentials and oxygen supplies for COVID-19 patients in India.

The 15-year-old triplet siblings reached out to their families, school friends and relatives to raise funds. The amount raised will be used for arranging essential equipment like oxygen concentrators and ventilators for the hospitals and needy patients in and around Delhi.

“Our only request is to return it (the equipment) when it’s not further needed as the next patient can use it. This is important as supply of these equipment is very scarce, and the affected population is enormous,” said the trio, Karina, Gia and Armaan. “We need everybody’s help in this as such an enormous task can only be accomplished by teamwork. We are very fortunate to work with an excellent team of physicians, both in the US and India. Although we hope and pray that this second wave of the coronavirus will go away soon, we are getting ready for the worst and asking people to be careful and help each other in this major crisis.”

The Gupta triplets have also been applauded earlier in December 2020 for creating an app, Apollo, which assists young entrepreneurs on a digital platform. Their non for profit organisation, Little Mentors, was founded more than two years ago.

“When you create any venture, be it a nonprofit, a for-profit business or something else, you have to make sure there is a base,” said Armaan.”Our network is children and students, but we wanted to have adults and advisors also on board to guide and help us.”

They are also planning to maintain a database of the people so that they can direct the supply properly. Besides, they plan to open distribution centres in major cities.

In a time when many people are selfishly stocking up essential medical equipment at their home, without thinking how the needy ones would manage — samaritans like these siblings are proving that there is still hope and light left between us! Kudos to these super teens!

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