Quiz : Who acquired Tripmela?

We conduct quiz on twitter (follow us) everyday @ 2 PM and the same enthusiasm has now percolated to pluGGd.in.

So today’s quiz question – Who acquired Tripmela?

To give you some context, Tripmela was a deal sourcing site and after few months back, put itself up for auction on eBay – the company, as we reported was sold for Rs. 1,12,000!

Back to quiz question – Who acquired Tripmela?

Hint: Hop to whois.org (or this) and check the related entry (screenshot for your eyes)

So the buyer is Rajnish Kumar.

So, the next question – Who is Rajnish Kumar?

Apart from the fact that he is Rajnish Kumar, he is the CTO of…?

Well, LinkedIn tells me that he is the CTO of.. iXiGo!

Now that we know iXiGo has acquired Tripmela (though Aloke refused to comment on this), here is a question for you – Why did iXiGo acquire Tripmela/Searchmela?

What synergy do you see between iXiGo and Tripmela?

And by the way, iXiGo stood out the winner for poll on India’s most trusted travel site.

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