TripMela shuts shop – on sale @ eBay

Travel lead generator, TripMela has decided to shut down their operations and the site is on sale @

Tripmela’s business model revolved around lead generation (via travel newsletters) and has an opt-in email database of 80,000 subscribers.

We’ve done everything we could, but we don’t see an end in sight to the slowing travel and advertising market, and we simply don’t have the cash to ride it out.
We have put the business up for sale on eBay India to sell both and What I think is more valuable is our database of more than 80,000 subscribers, which is on sale too – Tripmela CEO (source)

I believe, this is a classic case of being beaten by new players especially meta search engines – and a failure to reinvent the business model (they were heavily dependent on two businesses for their success – online advertising as well as travel).

What’s your opinion?

What will be your bidding price for Tripmela? Check out the eBay auction (current action @ Rs. 1200)

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