Startup Tripoto Brings Crowdsourced Travel Sharing and Itinerary Platform

Even though the web is full of travel information, discovering and creating travel itineraries is still a pain. Startup Tripoto has taken a crowdsourced approach to creating itineraries. Given that there are enough travel blogs (and stories) out there in the wild web, Tripoto is also focusing on giving tools to travel bloggers for them to create itineraries.

Tripoto attempts to bring together travelers from around the world to share and discover – real, actionable, crowd-sourced travel stories. The New Delhi based startup is mapping every single destination in the story – along with the associated content and pictures, to present a beautiful visually appealing content.

One of the coolest part of the product is the trip information around a destination – i.e. number of days it will take you to view a place, cost (including transportation, food, tours, stay etc).


Started by Anirudh Gupta (ex-founder of NotionInk and was an EIR at Rocket Internet) and  Michael Lyngdoh (ex-founder of Helios Suntrough operations), the travel site has 100+ high quality travel itineraries from around the world and has grabbed celebrity early adopters like Baichung Bhutia.

A pure UGC (user generated content) platform, how will that scale? Given the ratio of creators and consumers, how does Tripoto plans to bring more consumers in place? Shares Anirudh

” Yes the segment of content creators and content consumers is very different. Specially for us – as the quality of content has to be good and detailed. We have collected a global database of people who actively share travel content and will be reaching out to them. Once there are enough itineraries we will start marketing more aggressively to travel consumers. Although the hope is to have an increasing overlap (more consumers start becoming sharers) soon. We hope to increase this overlap though gamification and incentives for sharing.”

As far as early focus is concerned, the company will focus on Asia first and will move to other regions later.

For any UGC platform, the bigger challenge is to create incentives for people to share their travel and at the same time, make the site inspirational enough to keep away the low quality content (spammers). And one way to go about this is to create more call to actions than just sharing (read : An Open Letter to All Travel Startups).

Plus, the bigger challenge in travel remains the last-mile details. Earlier, MyGola pivoted from human-curated trip-planning service to more algorithmic-driven service.

If you are a traveler, do take a trip of Tripoto and share your thoughts.

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