Startup Tripscam aims to enable trust in the travel industry

Tripscam is a trust-enabler for travel industry.
It solves the problem of travel scams by providing credible travel information on tourist destinations. It is a neutral platform for travel community to share travel tips. It uses NLP and machine learning to automate processes.

Location : Gurgaon

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  1. As of now, the reward system is perfectly scalable. The users on Tripscam make contributions for either of (a) Philanthropy i.e. benefit of travel community, (b) to get recognition in the community (c) to get monetary gains. Also, the users looking for monetary gains are much lesser than those looking for recognition or philanthropy. We identify each of these needs of the contributors and have tried to give gratification of the same in the appropriate manner. Only the monetary rewards part, seems to affect scalability of the model. However, we have leveraged affiliate marketing to make the monetary rewards as “no profit no loss” for our company. In this way, company just loses on the “operational cost” and reward system remains scalable.
    Contributions are verified through Bayesian Networks (Machine Learning) for labelling the contributions. Borderline cases are verfied by human verification.

  2. Travelers gets karma points for each contribution on Tripscam. Karma points can be redeemed for cashback, discounts, charity donations and offers.

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