Meet Trivest Folio, The Wealth Management Tool Which Makes Mutual Funds & ETFs Easy

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Meet Trivest Folio, The Wealth Management Tool Which Makes Mutual Funds & ETFs Easy

I like seeing my money grow. But the trouble with money, unlike trees, is that you really can’t see it grow. Neither is it easy to grow money. Imagine if there was a solution, where you can key in your risk profile and investment amount and it does the rest for you? The good news is, there is a solution like that. Truth be told, there are quite a few solutions like that.

The portfolio manager of Moneycontrol is perhaps the best in the space. However, it is not for beginners or people who are looking for simple solutions. Meet Trivest Folio, a simple online tool for people who don’t have the patience to slog through financial details. The cloud based can be used to create a personalized portfolio of Indian Mutual Funds and equity traded funds.

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Once you log in, it asks you a few questions to assess your risk profile. Based on your age, risk appetite and investment horizon, it splits your money and creates a balanced portfolio for you. It even gives you projected earnings at the end of your investment period!

The  Trivest Folio wealth management tool, has been designed by two US based Indian entrepreneurs Sandip Southekal and Siddharth Choksi. “We are not financial advisors or online brokers. We provide you a framework with which you can easily manage your investments,” says Sandip.

It doesn’t let you buy or sell financial products right now. However, it points you to some of the top online sellers. Online transactions are on the company’s roadmap, said Sandip.

Trivest Folio

Trivest Folio is free to use currently. But it is planning to roll out a freemium model with additional features. The paid version will give users access to certified financial professionals as well, said Sandip, who intends to return to India in a few months.

The startup uses data from the rating agency CRISIL to rank mutual funds. It currently has about 100 registered users. We like the user interface and the simplistic approach.

That said, personal finance is not easy. Many startups that have tried building software products for personal finance management in India have failed. Sandip feels that the reason others failed is because of excessive focus on monetizing the users by selling leads or not focusing on the consumer.

“Its a tough space and that’s a positive thing because the scope for innovation is much higher,” Sandip feels.

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