Startup Roundup: TruckRaja, Lappykart, FounderMates, Pencillati

Besides the startups we profiled in detail earlier, here are some that caught our attention. Pickup your next laptop accessory at Lappykart. Book a carrier for shipping your goods at TruckRaja. Network with other entrepreneurs at FounderMates. Get your next 2D or 3D artwork designed at Pencillati.


lappykartLappykart is an e-commerce company that deals exclusively with genuine branded laptop chargers and batteries. The company has a large array of chargers and batteries for the customer to pick from. The site has a ‘how to select?’ section that will help those who are unsure of the type of battery or charger they require.

Lappykart also allows customers to order manually in case a particular type of product is unavailable by filling a form online or calling a specified number. The company also undertakes bulk orders of the products, or, more than 10 products of the same type and size that exceed over Rupees 25,000. Apart from batteries and chargers, the company also sells other laptop accessories.


truckrajaTruckRaja is an online shipping service that aims to aid both the shipper as well as the carrier of the goods at nominal amounts. The service extends to any business that wishes to send a full truck load (FTL) of goods with a cargo origin from Pune and surrounding industrial areas. Destinations include Mumbai, Aurangabad, Vapi, Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Cochin.

Shippers get to pick from a range of verified carriers of the company. Carriers must register to join the fleet and a verification will be done. The carriers are tipped on the basis of the of the trip made with feedback from the shipper. The company works on low commissions of 5-10% and divide the rest between the carrier and shipper. Loads start from 7 tons. Prices are predetermined per kilo depending on the destination.


foundermatesA social networking site for entrepreneurs, FounderMates helps entrepreneurs connect with mentors or experts and get advice for free. Both entrepreneurs and advisors sign up via LinkedIn and are accepted after a screening process.

Entrepreneurs can filter the kind of advisor they require on the basis of experience, location, expertise and sector. FounderMates aims to help entrepreneurs bypass advisory agencies, and help advisors to gain a platform to engage with entrepreneurs. Both parties have access to profiles regardless of the degree of connection to each other. The forum is open only to UK and Indian applicants.


pencillatiPencillati is an art studio that specialises in producing 2D and 3D art for apps, games and animation. The company based out of New Delhi outsource art and animation services to international game developers and publishers. Services include concept art and visualisation, engine ready game assets, illustration, digital painting and animation and motion graphics.

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