Truecaller: More than 1 millions Indians are using the phone directory app

Truecaller, a collaborative global phone directory app has announced that more than 13 million users worldwide are conducting over half a billion name and number searches each month.truecaller

Since founded in 2009, the Swedish app has quickly gained popularity in countries where public phone directory data is scarce or non-existing.

What’s interesting to know is that TrueCaller has more than 1 million users in India (~ every 7th smartphone user in India is using Truecaller). Almost 50% of the requests are made from Asia and India has the highest quantity of searches per month, including name search and free reverse number lookup

Globally, the company has 13 million users worldwide conducts over half a billion name and number searches each month and the United States has the top purchases of Truecaller Credits, which is needed to contact a person through Truecaller via name search.

And you thought Indians are privacy conscious?

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