TrueCaller Report : Ola users make 3X calls vs. Uber users (Good or Bad?)

TrueCaller has published its Q3 2016 report which analyzes the call volume for the e-commerce and cab hailing industry.

“Ola is thrice as large as the nearest competitor” claims Ola based on this report.

Ola Cabs made 65 million calls to its users in Q3, while 19 million calls were made by users – which accounted for 85 million calls between Ola Cabs and its users. Uber users received 23 million calls from the company in Q2, and called the company 5,6 million times – which totalled 29 million calls.

More Calls : More Power?

Actually NO.

Ola, till date hasn’t managed to train its drivers to reach the pickup location without calling. In most of the cases, one has to call the driver atleast 2-3 times to ensure that :

a. the driver is on time.

b. the driver isn’t canceling the ride

c. Most importantly, one needs to tell the driver the exact pickup location.

On the other hand, Uber drivers don’t need so much of hand holding – they just reach the destination without any followups (i.e. no calls).

So while Ola is trying to make a PR story out of this, the reality is that the truecaller numbers are a representation of service quality (and predictability) of Ola vs Uber.

Maybe, the apt way to put this is : Ola sucks 3X more than Uber?

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