Caller ID App Truecaller Launches Twitter Integration; Will it Become the Rapportive For Mobile?

truecallerCaller identification app Truecaller has partnered with Twitter so you can see a persons Twitter handle when they call your phone.

People who use Truecaller in India will now be able to see if a number is connected with a Twiter account and have the ability to tweet or follow a person directly through the Truecaller app.

“A Truecaller user can instantly tweet back to a missed call that has a Twitter account connected to the phone number. This is especially valuable for users in India who are looking for a fast, free and reliable way to communicate,” said Alan Mamedi, CEO & co-founder at Truecaller.

Currently, Twitter integration works only for Android users. The company plans to roll out Twitter integration for iOS in 2014.

Earlier, Truecaller had partnered with Innoz, so that you can trace any mobile number with a text message.

This is a neat addition to Truecaller and we think more such partnerships will follow. For instance, it could partner with LinkedIn & other services. Perhaps become the Rapportive for mobile!