Truecaller’s Scorching User Growth in India: 22 Mn & Counting!

Caller identification app Truecaller has 22 mn users in India. The Swedish app company seems to have caught on like wild fire. Just to put some perspective to 22 mn users.

Now Truecaller doesn’t specifically say that 22 mn is the number of monthly active users. But the way Truecaller works, its active every time you get a call.

After we wrote about the company’s Twitter integration last week, their publicity agency reached out to tell us that the company now has 22 mn users in India as opposed to the 1 mn I’d pointed out in my story in March. What? Really? I wasn’t sure if I was reading it right. So I double checked: Is this the number of app downloads? Or the number of people from India who have ever used it, or the number of searches on the try caller DB from India or the number of daily/ monthly active users?

TruecallerAnd the reply? Truecaller counts a user as when they have downloaded and activated the app. That is nearly twice the amount of users it had world wide in 2013 March! It appears that India is now one of its most important markets.

In March, Truecaller said that it had 13 million users worldwide and more than 1 million users in India. At the time, almost 50% of the requests were being made from Asia and India has the highest quantity of searches per month, including name search and free reverse number lookup. By December, the apps’ worldwide user base had grown to 40 million. The company said in its blog in December

 We now take that people-power of 40 million users strong and shine a new light on the meaning of Truecaller.

The company chose to start its partnership with Twitter in India, allowing Indian users to be able to see if a number is connected with a Twitter account.

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