India’s Most Trusted Travel Site – Verdict is out.

1027 votes and the winner of India’s Most Trusted Travel Booking Site poll is..



Top 5 Fav Traveling Sites

  1. iXiGo with 274 votes
  2. Yatra – 194 votes
  3. ClearTrip – 171 votes
  4. Surprise entry – 90di with 145 votes
  5. MMT stands at #5 with 112 votes.

Apart from the total number of votes (1000+ is not an easy number and I am sure market research companies will agree with me on that), what’s important is the fact about the quality of audience reaches out to – mostly very tech savvy and early adopters/influencers in technology world.

Congrats to iXiGo team (read our first impressions of iXiGo when they launched in 2007)


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