Trutech’s Fluid Motion Brings Minority Report Like Gesture Control [UnPluggd Demo #9]

fluid-motion-logoTrutech’s “Fluid Motion” is a hand gesture recognition platform that will allow you to control your computer and other hardware using hand gestures with no external devices attached to your hand.

The platform is compatible with various hardwares including TV, laptops, and projectors. The gesture control platform will let you can browse through PowerPoint presentations, navigate Google maps, switch between windows, explore  3-D images or surf the web simply by using hand gestures. The platform is completely customizable and every possible gesture for any and every possible use-case can be customized into the system.

Trutech has designed various software applications, for specific industries, that work in tandem with the Fluid Motion hardware.

The developer edition of The Fluid Motion was announced at UnPluggd.

The Fluid Motion platform was recently used by Rolls Royce for a an event they hosted, where they showcased a Virtual Rolls Royce Ghost completely configurable with hand gestures.

The standard implementation costs Rs. 1.5 lakh, which includes the hardware and software from their end. Customization involved will cost extra depending on their complexity.

You can read our earlier coverage of Fluid Motion here.

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