Trutech’s Fluid Motion Brings Minority Report Like Gesture Control

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Trutech’s Fluid Motion Brings Minority Report Like Gesture Control

Fluid MotionRemember Captain John Anderton (Tom Cruise) and his hand gesture controlled computer interface from the 2002 movie Minority Report? This is not stuff of the movies any more. Trutech, a Mumbai based startup has designed a system using which you can do pretty much the same stuff with your computer or TV.

Trutech’s “Fluid Motion” is a hand gesture recognition platform that will allow you to control your computer and other hardware using hand gestures with no external devices attached to your hand.

Gesture recognition first became popular on gaming consoles. Microsoft Kinect, Nintendo Wii and Playstation Move were some of the leading gesture based gaming platforms. Some coders and developers were able to hack into the Kinect system and implement them for other motion capture uses. Now Trutech has gone a step ahead and taken this implementation beyond game consoles and into other aspects of daily life.

The platform is compatible with various hardwares including TV, laptops, and projectors. The gesture control platform will let you can browse through PowerPoint presentations, navigate Google maps, switch between windows, explore  3-D images or surf the web simply by using hand gestures.

It will help companies set up concept displays that will allows their customers to interact with retail displays using hand gestures.

The Fluid Motion was recently used by Rolls Royce for a an event they hosted, where they showcased a Virtual Rolls Royce Ghost completely configurable with hand gestures.

Here are some industry centric apps the company has developed to work in tandem with The Fluid Motion platform

Info App for the Hospitality Industry

Hotels can implement this app along with the gesture control platform at their locations using which their guests can browse through the available hotel rooms, restaurant promotions and shops. This will save the guests from going through boring presentations on the TV in the lobby. The back end is easy to manage and allows the administrators to easily update the application with the latest information.

Image App for the Retails Industry

Showrooms and shops can display pictures of your entire portfolio of products using this app and consumers can explore the portfolio using hand gestures. The app will allows you to display not only all your products, but all aspects of your products. Be it a construction projects, cars, clothes, FMCGs or any other, the platform will allow the consumer to experience the product in its entirety.

Computer Control Boardroom App for Corporates

Using the computer control boardroom application the presenter can control his entire computer using gestures from a distance. The presenter can transition through the presentation with hand gestures instead of using a pointer or a keyboard. Presenters can also highlight any point on the presentation, extrapolate charts, move to any slide within the presentation and also interact at a 3-D level with an image or a blueprint within the presentation.

3D imaging and rendering App

This app allows interaction with a 3 dimensional image, design or blueprint which is rendered on the screen. Using gestures you can you zoom in and out, rotate and explore the subject from all angles. The system can recognize any gesture and can be programmed to react in any manner to any gesture. Education or training institutions can use this system to visualize concepts and help interact with models in greater detail.

Abhinav Aggarwal, co-founder, Trutech, said “We have also launched a close range version of the Fluid Motion which is now capable of tracking ones finger movements as well. There are several customized and unique applications that we’ve built for our clients as well.”

The company is launching its latest application that includes a quadcopter that is controllable via your hand gestures, by the end of June, 2013.

According to the company a popular misconception for gesture recognition products is that they not only require significant training, but deal with pre-set defined recognized gestures. This leads to significant apprehension for the use of highly technical but easy-to-use products. The team mentions that the platform is completely customizable and every possible gesture for any and every possible use-case can be customized into the system.

The standard implementation costs Rs. 1.5 lakh, which includes the hardware and software from their end. Customization involved will cost extra depending on their complexity.

Last year Leap Motion, a San Francisco based startup, had released a gesture control system for computers, which can be currently pre ordered for just $ 79.99. The system is said to be precise up to around a hundredth of a millimeter in capturing intricate motion.

With other such international companies that seem to have a product (already launched in the market) and whose prototypes have been raved about by the tech world, only time can tell if Fluid Motion, that costs nearly 30X its other competitors stands a solid chance.

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