Home Tech Tumblr attracts wrath from Senior Bachchan : An oppportunity for WordPress?

Bollywood’s angry young man, Amitabh Bachchan, who is vey active on Twitter and blogs more than most of his younger Bollywood counterparts has expressed his anger on Twitter and Tumblr as his fans & followers had been unable to comment on his blog.

bigb_tweetsSenior Bachchan, who earlier moved from BigAdda blog (running on WPMU) to Tumblr expressed frustration on such breakdowns by Twitter and Tumblr can be gauged as he wrote on his blog (by the way, TwFmxT in BigB’s tweet stands for Twitter Extended family)

“So after the Blog got destroyed I had some strong words with various individuals in the team and they have reassured me that they shall take all required steps to make sure it does not happen again – a sentiment I do wish reflects in the attitude of some of our most loving Ef and TwFmXt ! I do know and realize that this has been disturbing for many sincere guests on our lovely home, and I do know that most are needing to question and repair the faults … but what we must all know is that the more we talk about it, the more the destroyer feels a sense of victory“

Meanwhile, Bachchan also extended an apology through his tweet for the inconvenience faced by his followers and warned Tumblr to fix the issues otherwise he will move from these platforms (FYI: his tumblr blog commenting system is powered by Disqus).

An opportunity miss for WordPress?  In fact Automattic, the company which runs rival blogging platform WordPress, systematically targets  high profile brands to switch from competing platforms to theirs. In a blogpost, Byrne Reese who  is the former Product Manager of Movable Type and TypePad says

One thing rarely cited by the outside world, probably because it was not visible or apparent to anyone, was the systematic targeting of high profile brands to switch from using any competing platform to using WordPress.

In the four years I was at Six Apart, if I had a dollar every time a significant and loyal TypePad and Movable Type customer confided in me that an employee of Automattic cold called them to encourage and entice them to switch to WordPress I would have quit a rich man. Automattic would extend whatever services it could, at no expense to the customer, getting them to switch.

If Automattic is still doing it, this must have been a lifetime miss.

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