Create Rich Mobile Promos Using Tunespray

Tunespray is a Kolkata based startup that lets you create and deliver mobile applications and  rich content containing pictures, text, audio and links to the Internet, in a matter of minutes.

Using Tunespray, One can easily create a rich mobile promo (greetings/rich media etc),i.e. personalized user mobile promos (PUMPs)) and send it to friends/audience (view the demo).

One can import pictures from networks like Facebook/Picasa etc as well as share their promos on other sites.

This is an interesting service in the VAS space (now that airtel is promoting voice sms very aggressively).

The basic access to their Web-based application is free and is supported by advertisements. A user has to pay a subscription fee to access some of the advanced features.
Tunespray is also working with some of the leading musicians and artistes in Kolkata and Chennai to create and promote music though customized mobile applications on a revenue-share basis.

Do give Tunespray a tune and share your comments.

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