The Turing Phone: The New Unhackable Evolution of Smartphones

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The Turing Phone: The New Unhackable Evolution of Smartphones


In this day and age of interconnectedness, there are a few of us who are still interested in the idea of keeping what is private separate from the internet.

Smartphones in particular are the most widely used devices on the planet. They are always connected to the internet, marking and creating a trail of information about us. Such an integral part of tech we use on a day to day basis is not impervious and can be compromised without our knowledge sometimes.

However, the good people at Turing Robotics Industries have come up with new type of  smartphone called the Cipher phone. Turing’s new smartphone is made to be ‘virtually un-hackable’, is made out of an alloy called ‘Liquidmorpheum’ that is more ‘durable than steel or titanium’ and manages to work on Android 5.0.

The phone’s USP is the usage of a peer to peer encryption network that allows two users of Turing phones to communicate with each other with absolute privacy. Each phone comes with a unique encryption key specifically generated for the particular unit. All the data you send and receive is safe behind the fingerprint based phone lock.

Turing Robotics Industries CEO SYL Chao stated “Its all about authentication, It’s all about decentralized, end-to-end authentication that matters.”

With the ability to stand toe to toe with current smart phones, The Turing phone is one to watch for its potential as a game-changer.


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