Explained : How to turn off the new compose feature on Gmail

“Do not worry, you will get used to it” is one way to look at it. Or you can turn the new compose feature off. Of course most of you would have already figured this out. But just in case you don’t want to spend too much time looking.

Google recently launched the new chatbox like compose feature for Gmail, its e-mail service used by millions of users. While many liked the fresh new popup that comes up on the side when you compose an e-mail, many were a confused.

The reason for all the confusion? Some of the familiar elements like the Subject line weren’t easy to find when replying to an e-mail. It does not work well in few browsers, is another common complaint.

In case, you would like to roll back to the ‘good ol’ style, follow these steps:

How to turn new compose off?

1. Click on Compose.

2. At the bottom right, click on the arrow pointing downwards

3. Select the option to switch back to old compose.

Can’t find the subject line when replying or forwarding e-mail?

This one is a bit tricky. People often forward e-mails to new people and want to change the subject line before doing that. But wait, where’s the subject line?

After clicking forward, click on the arrow just before the “to” field and chose to start a new conversation. The subject line appears here.

Bcc and Cc are a little tough to find but its there alright. You can click and drag contact names to juggle them from one field to the other. Like if you need to move a sender to “cc” from the “to” field, just click and drag. Overall, it looks like a very friendly way of sending e-mails on mobiles and tablets.

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