Mumbai based Tushky makes offbeat experiences accessible (and mainstream)

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Mumbai based Tushky makes offbeat experiences accessible (and mainstream)

Imagine spending a day with a dabbawala in Mumbai experiencing his life, or a day learning how to drift cars with a professional or lets take it a notch higher, imagine taking a private fencing lesson with an instructor.

Sounds too good to be true? Mumbai based Tushky aims to take the entire concept of spending your leisure time doing something new and interesting to a whole new level.

The idea of starting up Tushky took flight when founder Talvinder Singh decided that he wanted to spend his leisure time doing something more than going for watching movies or eating out. Tushky was started with a simple premise in mind that people should be able to experience the extraordinary.

Tushky offers three major types of experiences:

  • Activity: experiences which can be completed usually within a day. Pottery lessons or nature photography are the popular choices here.
  • Party ad-ons: are entertainment choices which can vary from having a magician to having a foosball table for a get together.
  • Getaway: This is the most exciting of the three. These are experiences either close to the home city and can be felt over the weekend or those that can experienced while traveling to a destination. Choices here vary from skydiving to scuba diving and almost everything in between.
Tushly Dashboard
Tushly Dashboard

The Mumbai based startup was started with seed funding (INR 35 lakhs) last year. After a proof-of-concept and the  initial positive response, the site has undergone iterations of changes and the latest one being its “Wanderer” concept which will be live early next month.
The “Wanderer” ties together the entire sphere of experience sharing. Tushky understands that each person can be a consumer and a service provider provider at the same time. It ties their identities together so that a person who might be using using Tushky for his weekend getaway at a tree house might also be offering lessons in parkour at the same time.

But it does discount the fact that a system of checks and balances are in place. Founder Talvinder Singh couldn’t emphasis more on the fact that they are not a classified site. So even though experience providers can sign-up to list their service, the team at Tushky would carefully scrutinize and select a partner to ensure the safety and the value-for-me for the end user. For this reason they have partnered with only a single service providers in certain cases.

The consumer after signing-up has to pay for the experience in advance, but the vendor receives payment only after the service has been provided. Tushky gets the major source of its revenue from its cut, usually varying between 15-20% on each experience. But the vertical that has been largely unexplored in India is the customized packages for corporate sector with a twist. Tushky has tie-ups with major corporations to act as the “experience providers” for their  trips and get-togethers. Tushky’s association with RedBus( for buses) and with Ola( for cabs) makes them an inclusive service offering and the choice for corporates.

So all ye wanderers, check out Tushky and share your comments/feedback.

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