TenTenTen Digital Launches Tweeplay, An On-demand Video Service on Twitter

TenTenTen Digital Products, the Bangalore based company that creates digital assets for brands has launched Tweeplay, an on-demand video replay product for Twitter.

Tweeplay is an on-demand video replay product which knits together video content with conversations on Twitter. The first collaboration for Tweeplay is the Pepsi IPL Playoffs where StarSports.com is using Tweeplay to provide video replays to Twitter users.

TenTenTen, the company founded by Ramesh Srivats, has offered Tweeplay as a service to StarSports. Tweeplays will be offered for all 4s, 6s and wickets within the context of a live match, and can be easily obtained by tweeting to @StarSportsIndia.

Let’s say a Twitter user wants to see Johnson’s last wicket. All he/she has to do is tweet “@StarSportsIndia #StarSportsTweeplay Johnson Wicket” and in a few minutes, he will get a reply from @StarSportsIndia with a video of Johnson’s last wicket, that he can watch within the Tweet.


For a batsman, one can see his last 4, last 6 or dismissal. For a bowler, one can see his last wicket (or specific type of wicket like bowled, lbw, etc.). For a fielder one can see his last catch or run-out.

Tweeplay offers a service for brands such as StarSports.com and IPL in this case to increase the engagement with their users on twitter. It remains to be seen whether the service will be extended to other brands.

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