Shorten your e-mails into tweets in one click with new Gmail plugin


Shorten your e-mails into tweets in one click with new Gmail plugin

TintGmailEver wish you could shorten your e-mails into tweets and send them right into the infinite Twitterverse with one click? There’s an app for that. TinyGmail, an app that integrates with your Gmail sits in your inbox and shortens your mails into tweetable lines. Unfortunately, the app is available only for people who use Google apps for business.

Developed by Karthikeyan Kuppuswamy, a student at IIMB, the app adds a tiny box to every Gmail thread with a short summary of your email that you can tweet.

The Google Apps plugin will creates tweets using your email subject lines and links within messages.

The app can automatically detect if the mail is worth tweeting. It does this by analysing the subject line, message body, sender address, recipient address and other links in the body of the Gmail. If the subject line is blank or too short or if there are no useful links in the body then the app ignore the mail and does not produce a short tweet.

Once the app is installed in your business Gmail account, open an email that you have received in your inbox. Now look below the body of your mail and you can find a box called ‘Tiny Email’ with 2 sections. The first (top) box has the email shortened into a tweet for you to tweet with a tweet button below it. The second (bottom) box displays the last tweet from the sender along with retweet and follow buttons. TinyGmail does this by analysing the sender’s email address and finding their Twitter account.

Here is a short video demonstrating the product

The plugin is very useful for business’ that deal with lot of sales, marketing emails and wants to stay up to date with the latest business updates from the sender. It also works as a perfect tool to quickly promote new clients or business interests. In a way it also saves us the hassle of figuring out the right tweet in 140 characters.

I receive a lot of press releases, product releases or updates from companies I follow. Now all I have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the mail and click the tweet button if I feel like talking about the product. And that’s it: one e-mail less to deal with.

TinyGmail also ensures that the privacy of your contact list is maintained, by figuring out personal emails and preventing them from being shared on twitter. The plugin works well for users who want to stay awesome on twitter without leaving the Gmail page.

The app is available for free with no obligations. Since it is not meant for individuals, the app cannot be installed on personal email accounts or be found in the Chrome app store. For business users the app can be downloaded only from the Google App marketplace. TinyGmail has been also listed as Top New App in productivity section.

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