Twine Finds You A Date Based On Likes & Interests; Not Just Looks

While there are numerous dating apps, Twine, an Android and iOS app, made by Sourcebits concentrates on conversations rather than looks.

twine-logoFinding a perfect date is a bit tricky. More often than not, the old adage “looks can be deceptive,” proves itself right when you find someone online or using an app. There are numerous dating apps and the latest to join them is Twine. However, unlike others that focus on looks, Twine concentrates on conversations.

Sourcebits, the makers of the app, wanted to take a unique approach to dating and meeting people and that is how they went about creating Twine. Though Twine uses Facebook to log you in, it helps you to discover people anonymously by matching strangers around you.

So how exactly does Twine judge compatibility between people? It gathers your likes and interest from Facebook and matches you with the closest fit. Twine tries to make a local connection based on your location, so that if you hit it off you can meet the person in real life. You can begin a conversation straight away and the profile pictures of both you and the person you are chatting are blurred out so that impressions are not created on looks. If you think a conversation is going well you can hit a button asking the other person to reveal the image and you can see what he/she looks like.

Twine, has been built by Sourcebits, a mobile development company based in San Francisco that had received $10 million in funding from Sequoia and IDG in 2011 and the company has a huge list of successful apps to its credit already like Robokill and Night Stand HD.

The app has been launched on Android and iOS, and is one of the first services of this type which has taken a mobile first approach.


As is usually the case with similar apps there are more males on the service, with a relatively low number of females. To tackle this problem, Twine is curating its user base to maintain an equal balance of males and females. This is to keep the service spam free and will be greatly appreciated by users of both genders. This will also improve conversations and people won’t be kept for long waiting for someone to chat with.

Since conversation is the most important aspect of the app, it has a feature called ICE, which uses your mutual interests to come up with unique questions which you can use to begin a conversation. Say if you’re both fans of the cricket, the app might suggest “Who your favorite cricketer is?”

To further reduce spam, Twine also limits the number of matches that you can make and receive per day to six. This also helps people generate longer conversations, so that you can actually discover if there is a connection.

With all its features we can really see how much emphasis, Twine is putting on conversation and we think this model might actually work.

In its present version, Twine basically just allows you to chat with a connection and not do much more. To help build stickiness and also to keep users engaged Twine might want to consider including more features like games, emoticons, video chat and virtual gifts which you see in a few other apps.

The company does say that some of these features like emoticons could come in future versions, but these features could follow the freemium model as the startup looks to monetize the app.

The company has also tied up with ambassadors for the app in over 40 colleges globally in a bid to gain users for the app. There are a number of Indian colleges in this list.

The app was built by the Sourcebit team both in Bangalore and San Francisco.

While the app does seem to encourage conversations, do you think apps like Twine, especially with a mobile first approach, could replace dating and matchmaking sites on the web?

Download Twine: iOS, Android.

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