TwitGuru – Human Powered Ad Network for Twitter

Twitter has caught the fancy of social media enthusiasts as well as marketing/advertising firms and it’s quite natural to see services that will help marketeers reach out to the community.

Hexolabs, Chennai based startup has launched an interesting service aimed at twitter users – a human powered ad network, TwitGuru.

How does TwitGuru works?

Twitguru uses the wisdom of the crowd to spread your words. User evaluates and endorses the product to his fellow tweeple (twitter users).

Advertiser can create a campaign at TwitGuru and offers free gift to users. User plays the game and tweets his guesses/answers for the product/campaign.

There are couple of similar products in this space – but the bigger question is whether marketing firms are willing to try out twitter?

In India, numbers just do not excite (read: Twitter India Audience Profile – Numbers you should Know) – but things are surely different for the US market.

What’s your take?

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