As per Comscore (*), Twitter just went past MySpace traffic in India.

In terms of Unique users, MySpace received 927K UUs in July as compared to Twitter’s 984K.

What’s important to note here is that web is not the entire traffic for Twitter, unlike MySpace – so real number should be on the higher side of a million.

This also opens up a debate on positi0ning of MySpace in India – they conducted offline events, but how much of that is moving to web? Is there enough meat in MySpace as far as Indian netizens are concerned?

What’s really interesting is that Twitter is used as a news service in India – so it could be a threat to bloggers as well as the old school media.

What’s your opinion?

*Comscore doesn’t track the traffic from cybercafe (read: Top Confusions in India’s Digital World).

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