Twitter has announced the launch of audience insights, a new tool that will allow marketers and advertisers gain a deeper understanding of the people that interact with them on the social network.

Twitter Audience Insights 1

The audience insights dashboard provides information about followers and the people who have engaged with a brand’s organic Tweets, segregating them by demographics, interests, purchasing behavior and more.

Twitter Audience Insights 2

Further, marketers can also use the tool to identify new, relevant audiences to target for an upcoming campaign, providing them with insights such as products a user has recently purchased, or what types of TV shows they watch.

Audience insights even helps marketers choose which creative mediums, such as a video clip or Vine loop will best engage their potential audience. Marketers will have access to even the device platform their audiences are on, allowing them to tailor content specifically for it.

Twitter Audience Insights 3

Twitter Audience Insights 4

Twitter says that its audience insights tool is available to all its advertising and analytics users, however Twitter-specific information will be accessible only in the US for now, but will be rolled out more broadly soon.