Buzzom – Twitter App that Lets you Flush, Grow and Reciprocate

Twit-this, twit-that..the web is bustling with a huge number of twitter related apps, and most with the same ideas. Well, buzzom is a new twitter client, and you don’t have to authorize buzzom to access your twitter stream (only initially – you have to authorize buzzom later on for the adding/updating/deleting actions). That means, you have to have your profile as public, to have buzzom perform their magic tricks. I wasted about half an hour, trying to figure out why nothing was working for me.


There main stress on features like “FLUSH”, “GROW” and “RECIPROCATE” implies that the main objective is a give-and-take policy (a strict one), and building a huge list of “following” people with similar taste. I personally could not relate to the phenomenon of this “mass” actions over some personal touch. To help you, there are options to BLOCK or LOCK twitter people, such that the blocked ones don’t ever come in your GROW list and the locked ones never come in your FLUSH list, just so that nobody unwanted gets added accidentally during a mass follow operation and similarly for a mass remove operation.

One feature that is really awesome is the stats. You can get a very brief but accurate stats about your profile type (developer, entrepreneur, biz guy, etc) and about you and your followers twitter activity and efficiency. A really useful feature if you are always looking to know how the world sees you on twitter. There mass follow feature (GROW) is possibly based on these factors, so that it shows you all the people whom you really might be interested in following. A touch of intelligence in their system here. Nice work !

The one major problem I faced was the site’s usability and their overflowing love for advertisements. The pages are just over-crowded with all types of display ads, and the main navigation sits quietly on the right hand side making it difficult to figure out initially. Makes them look a little less professional and serious.

Overall, apart from the twitter stats, this is not one application meant for your personal use. It might be good for marketing purposes and making loads of followers / following (most people generally try and reciprocate when you follow them), but it lacks a personal touch when you consider that the main objective is to simplify mass operations.

The application seems to be popular on blippr (lots of reviews and most range from neutral to positive), but I could not find much traction for this app on other places ( specially).

Well, it is definitely worth to give buzzom a try, and start following loads of people easily. And then, if they don’t reciprocate, it is even easier to remove them in a second. My buzzom profile here. You see the 86 people I am following, are mostly attributed to a single click in buzzom (added 46 in a shot 😛 ).

Ofcourse, there are other products which can help you achive the same functionality – Buzzom’s adoption difficulty will arise from the fact that they are trying to create another vocab for Twitter users – Flush/Grow/Reciprocate etc.

Do give Buzzom a spin and share your comments.

[Buzzom is product from Bangalore based InRev systems.]

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