Twitter Finally Launches Autoplay Videos

Videos, GIFs and Vines will begin playing automatically as they come into view on a user’s timeline. The autoplay function can be turned off by a user, or work only when on Wi-Fi networks. Twitter is trying to lure advertisers with viewability standards much better than its rivals – 100% of the video should be viewable for more than 3 seconds in order to be counted as a view.

After months of testing, Twitter has finally launched autoplay videos on a user’s timeline which will help it take on Facebook and Google in the highly competitive world of video ads.

Twitter Autoplay Videos

When a user scrolls through their timeline and a video comes into view, it will automatically begin playing in mute. Clicking on the video will play the entire video in the viewer and with sound.

The autoplay functionality isn’t restricted to just videos that are uploaded to Twitter, with GIFs and 6-second Vines too autoplaying on a user’s timeline.

Twitter is offering users the option of reverting back to the old click-to-play model and even turn off autoplay videos when not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Autoplay videos come to the social network at a time when the company posted weak first-quarter and follows the stepping down of CEO Dick Costolo amid pressure from investors.


Despite the risk of frustrating a few users, autoplay videos have worked pretty well for Facebook and could do the same for Twitter. Moreover, the company has also addressed advertiser concerns with video ads.

Twitter has said that it will charge advertisers only if 100% of the video is in view on the user’s screen for at least 3 seconds. That’s much better than the standard Google and many other rivals follow where a video ad is deemed viewable if 50% of it is on the screen for over 2 seconds.

Moreover, the social networking giant is ensuring that there is third party verification of whether an ad was viewed by a user, ensuring transparency and drawing brands to spend their advertising dollars.

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