Twitter Cast of Knee Surgery by an Indian Doc – Twitter surely has gone mainstream in India

Twitter’s India traffic is nothing great to talk about, but the adoption by mainstream media and various other professions will surely make it much bigger and louder.

Chennai based Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam did a twitter cast of a knee surgery operation he performed on June 18th.

Closing the surgical wound
Closing the Surgical Wound

The twitter cast basically contained details (‘gory’ pics) of the operation.

So why did the doctor tweet?

To give medical students and prospective patients an opportunity to witness a live surgery, to facilitate medical students to make a career choice for post graduation.(via: 1, 2)

This is a great example of using tools like twitter to increase the awareness of one’s brand (look doc! we are talking about you, and we aren’t a medical site!) as well as gaining authority in one’s space.

What’s your take?

All I know is that social media consultants/gurus have got a new fodder to binge on!

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