Twitter Censorship Shoots Up in India; Transparency Report Shows Spike in Govt Requests

As things get political in the Indian Twitterverse, the number of account information requests made by the Indian government has gone up. Between July – December, the company received 19 account information requests from the Indian government as compared to less than 10 in the previous 6 months.

Twitter said that it complied with 32% of the requests, sometimes partially producing information. The Government specfied 27 accounts in these requests. This is a sharp rise from before (see below). Twitter Transparency Report Jul- Dec 2013

Twitter has over 20 million users in India. So in absolute terms, these request might seem insignificant. However, the increase in such requests by the Government and the Courts points to the fact that it’s starting to get attention.

There were 2 removal requests by court orders in the reporting period. The Government made 6 such requests and Twitter complied in 13% of the cases. More than 50 accounts were specified in these requests and 13 tweets were withheld by Twitter. Twitter Transparency Report1 Jul- Dec 2013

Globally, Twitter received 1,410 information requests and 365 information removal requests in the six month period. France, with 306 government requests, made the highest number of requests to remove content.

United States made 833 account informatino requests followed by Japan (213) and Saudi Arabia (110).

Twitter published its first bi-annual transparency report in July 2012.