Twitter expands local trends to 6 cities in India, Misspells Ahmedabad as Ahmadabad


Twitter expands local trends to 6 cities in India, Misspells Ahmedabad as Ahmadabad

Twitter has expanded local trends service to 6 cities in India (earlier it was available only for Mumbai). The cities supported include Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.

Twitter Trending Locations in India
Twitter Trending Locations in India

I found it amusing that a service which has been focusing so much on localization has got the city name wrong (fyi: Ahmadabad is a city in Iran as well as Pakistan and the Indian city name is Ahmedabad). Small issue, but given how Indians are emotional about regional/local stuff, international brands need to be extra careful in India (read: BCG report on Local Companies vs. MNCs in the Emerging Market).

Twitter in India

Twitter hasn’t shown a massive jump in usage over the last few years. While the service is consumed mostly via APIs, take a look at India traffic (from Comscore) and importantly, Google search trends that gives a better idea of a (consumer) service’ popularity.


Twitter: Trend Traffic


Twitter hasn’t even managed to beat Orkut, which has been on a massive traffic decline since 2009.

So why has Twitter not taken off, after showing a super-perfect hockey stick curve in the start? One of the reasons could be that the service is mostly limited (in usage) to celebrities, media houses, early adopters etc and unlike Facebook, brands do not even market their Twitter handle.

So unless Twitter markets the service in India, the common man is happy being on Facebook and doesn’t really have a strong use-case to get on to Twitter.

What’s your take?

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