Twitter Friends on T-Shirt/Mug? Calling Design startups

How about a a mosaic of images of your Twitter followers or friends a t-shirt? Or a mug?

Well, sxoop/zazzle does it (via TC), but how about a local solution for Indian twitter users.

Essentially, sxoop enables one to create a mosaic of one’s twitter followers/friends on t-shirt/mug as well as mousepads.

And here is a call to all the design startups in India (pringoo/inkfruit/myntra etc etc) – how about doing something similar for Indian twitter crowd?

While you won’t get a massive audience, I can surely promise you that you will be able to create a significant buzz if you enable this feature for twitterastanis!

Tweeples – how much will you be willing to pay for a tee like this?

By the way, is also on twitter

What do you think?

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