Twitter goes for a redesign, launches Facebook like ‘cover photos’


Twitter goes for a redesign, launches Facebook like ‘cover photos’

Twitter in its battle to decide whether it is a media company or a technology company has seen massive changes in the past few months – right from the providing a fresh update to Larry the Bird to restricting their API for the developer community.

But the fact remains that twitter manages to ruffle a few feathers every time it does a re-design. In the latest development, according to the official blog titled “Because you have more to show” Twitter has brought about a few changes to the system.

The most important change that has been the “Header photo” which is Facebook styled cover picture making the entire experience more graphical and visual than just a stream of 140 characters. The repercussions of this small re-design doesn’t end here.

New Twitter Design
New Twitter Design

Twitter is fast developing as a media company and apart from consistent UX, the company is figuring out more advertising opportunities to brands. We have already seen promoted tweets and sponsors on the background pictures, the header photo could take it one notch ahead and make twitter a platform for brands to reach out to consumers. Interestingly, a recent report from eMarketer suggests that Twitter will beat Facebook in mobile advertising revenue (Twitter will hit $129.7 million in U.S. mobile ad revenues this year compared to $72 million for Facebook),

According to the tweets by Sachin Agarwal, founder of posterous and product manager at Twitter, the new header photos will be rolling out to all the users soon.

The Twitter app for iPad has also been updated with the addition of the features like the “Me” which is nothing but the Twitter profile present under a new heading, previously present under the Home tab (available on the web version also).

The company has also dropped third party options for uploading images (on mobile apps), forcing users to use its own image upload service (maybe, they will force users to move to Twitter’s video service in the future?) ensuring that the traffic (and advertising $$s) remains within its own ecosystem.

What’s your take on the new design? Is Twitter trying to be more brand-friendly now?

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