Twitter in India – People Use it as a News Service [Survey Report]


Twitter in India – People Use it as a News Service [Survey Report]

Three weeks back, we launched a poll asking people one simple question – ‘What do you use Twitter for’.

And here are the results.

We received 1186 votes and it’s interesting to note that the results aren’t skewed towards any specific usage area. And that means, Twitter is still being experimented for different reasons (global phenomena).

While majority (17%) of users are still figuring out what do with Twitter (you aren’t alone), those who use it regularly are using Twitter as a news channel/service (16%).

Have a look:

twitter usage in india
Twitter in India - Usage Patterns

Is Twitter a threat to social networks?

Well, only 10% said they use Twitter to meet interesting people, but the network effect is surely a potential threat (11% use Twitter to stay connected to their friends).

In the lines of what we expected, 14% are not on Twitter (well, the real percentage is quite high, but since is read by tech this number is ofcourse a little skewed)

Summary of Poll Results

  • Stay updated with news – 16%
  • To stay in touch with Friends – 11%
  • Love updating my status (Ego boost) – 11%
  • For Research – 10%
  • Am still figuring out – 17%
  • Am not on Twitter – 14%
  • Work Related – 12%
  • Meet Interesting People – 10%

What’s your opinion on this result?

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