Twitter India Audience Profile – Numbers you should Know

If you are a social media marketer, you can’t ignore twitter. Many Indian brands have embraced twitter – but the question is what’s the audience profile like? What’s the typical age group that one should target?

We try to answer some of those questions here.

As per Comscore, Twitter received 0.12mn Unique Visitors in the month of Feb (this is a representation of interest, since users tweet using various tools/plugins available).

Twitter India Audience Profile

Data – For your Eyes only

The above data is compiled from Comscore (read India’s Top Digital Confusion to understand the reliability of Comscore data).

Nevertheless, here is the audience data for Twitter (Feb 09):

Total Audience Total Unique Visitors (in ‘000)
15+ 119
18+ 118
25+ 72
35+ 29
15-24 47
25-34 43
35-44 18


Males Total Unique Visitors (000)
15+ 94
18+ 93
25+ 55
35+ 23
15-24 39
25-34 31

Female Audience:

Females Total Unique Visitors (000)
15+ 25
18+ 25
25+ 18
15-24 7
25-34 12

It’s quite obvious that males rule the twitter world in India, but what’s interesting is the active age group data (15-24 seems like an interesting number in male category, while 25-34 age group females are most active!).

What’s your opinion?

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