Twitter Registers 74% Jump in India Traffic

Twitter is witnessing a mind-blowing traffic growth worldwide and India is no exception – the micro blogging site has registered 74% traffic jump (in terms of unique users) in the month of March.

Worldwide, Twitter has even surpassed (as per data from analytics companies) NewYorkTimes and WSJ sites (source), but it will take time to gain traction in India (Indian counterpart, smsgupshup claims to have 20 million userbase, and are clocking $150K USD a month).

What about Friendfeed?

I believe, as a product they still need to define the core USP – I am still clueless about the core need/usage (highly debatable topic).

So what’s your take on Twitter’s growth?

Question to Social Media Marketers:

Twitter, given it’s growth is anything but mainstream. How would you convince an Indian brand to be on twitter?

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Please note:
1. The comscore data (read India’s Top Digital Confusion to understand the validity of Comscore data) is a fair representation in Twitter’s case, since most of the tweets happen during the office hours/workstations (comscore doesn’t track cybercafe data).

2. Comscore doesn’t track smsgupshup data.

3. Web traffic is a representation of Twitter’s traffic.

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