Twitter Music Made From 140 Characters of Code

UK researcher, Dan Stowell, in partnership with ‘The Wire’ magazine has launched ‘Twitter music’.

Called sc140, the album has 22 pieces by artists from around the world and each piece is created with just 140 characters of code.

The project, sc140 has been made using SuperCollider, which is a programming language specialized for sound and music.

The really nice thing about that is that it has the benefits of "traditional" music software on the one hand (for example, standard effects like echo and reverb are easily at hand), and also the benefits of a modern programming language on the other: it’s much more flexible than traditional music software, you can tell the computer abstract things like "play these 7 notes, then a random burst of noise, then 12 random notes of your own choosing, then repeat the whole thing 4 or 5 times".

Download the album here (zip) | Source code here | Dan’s twitter id

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