Twitter runs after a Facebook Application that uses ‘Tweet’ in it’s name


Twitter runs after a Facebook Application that uses ‘Tweet’ in it’s name

This isn’t the first time, Bangalore based TweetKnot (read our review) has been in Tweet controversy.

Earlier, they faced issue with Twitter running after them for using a similar background and now, Twitter has been after them to stop using ‘Tweet’ in their name.

This is the email they got from Facebook team, regarding their Facebook app (TweetKnot)

We have recently received the following email regarding your “TweetKnot” application. As you know, the Facebook Statement of Rights & Responsibilities (“Statement”) prohibits applications that infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party. If your application does contain infringing content, you must remove it immediately.
As you are solely responsible for the operation of your application, we request that you resolve this issue directly with the complaining party within 48 hours. We reserve all rights in regard to this matter, including all of our rights under the Statement.

And Twitter’s email regarding their Facebook app:

Name: <>

Company: Twitter, Inc.

Mailing address: 795 Folsom St. Suite 600, San Francisco CA 94103

Phone number: <>

Email address: <>

Web address (URL) of the application:

Description of where the infringing content is located: The application’s name contains “tweet”

Description of developer contact:

I have sent a notice via the “Contact Developer” link on the application’s profile to no response.

Explain which rights are being infringed by each piece of reported content:

The application uses the Twitter marks without permission, causing confusion

Interesting and makes me wonder, how is Tweetdeck surviving the Tweet name attack?

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