The Story of Twitter

Twitter is a phenomenal success. The company redefined the way social plus media is being expressed (and consumed).

Of course, Twitter was a side project at Odeo, the podcasting startup that didn’t do too well.

Watch this entire video where Square and Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey shares how Twitter came into existence. Dorsey joined Odeo to gain a greater understanding of the consumer Internet market, but eventually learned that few people at the company, including him, were interested in podcasting.

Hacking, as they say churns out interesting ideas and if you are a technology startup, you have to build a culture of experimentation within the company. As I noted in one of my earlier articles, The Curious Employee & Seeds of Innovation, curiosity employee is a god-send gift and while big companies tend to frustrate them (with boundaries/processes), startups’ can do wonders if they nurture this beast (in a controlled manner though).

The Video: Birth of Twitter

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