Twitter’s ‘Terrific’ Traffic Growth in India – Follows Hockey Stick Curve

If web traffic is an indication of Twitter’s popularity, it surely is rocking in India as well.

The growth from March onwards has been phenomenal and I believe, a lot of this has been achieved by embracing of the micro-blogging platform by mainstream media.

twitter traffic in india may numbers
Twitter Traffic in India

If you notice, Twitter has beaten smsgupshup in terms of web traffic (smsgupshp claims to have 20 million userbase, and is clocking $150K USD a month)

We earlier covered the traffic growth of Twitter in India and no matter how minuscule it is, the micro-blogging platform is grabbing a good amount of media attention (reinforced with Mallika Sherawat’s visit to Twitter office).

mallika sherwat twitter office
Mallika Sherawat at Twitter HQ/Office

And now that Indian media is all over Twitter, will blogging die a slow death? Or be restricted to few individuals only?

What’s your take?

Aside, it’s always inspirational to see a startup hitting the hockey stick curve – no matter whether it’s an Indian or a global!

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