Twitter, Wine and India? Well, There is a Connection

Companies around the globe are abuzz with CSR initiatives, which is great. A number of these have had noteworthy positive impacts on the society. A recent offering from one of the current heartthrobs could very well go a long way in making a huge difference.

If you agree to the fact that attacking problems at the grass-roots level is the best way to tackle them, then you would also buy the argument of education being of prime importance and that the lack of it breeds numerous social evils like child-labor, poverty and so on. Barack Obama is worried about the decline in number of students taking up science and maths in USA. I’m not sure what worries our President but lack of education to the children of India worries most of the readers of pluggdin. Have a look at our coverage of Indian education sector in the past.

Coming to the point, the pioneers of the 140 characters communication model – Twitter’s orientation program claims to hover around three distinct but inter-related tracks – making a positive global impact, building a successful business, and having fun along the way.

The Fledgling Initiative from them aims to make that global impact with the help of Room to Read, a non-profit organization extending literacy and educational opportunities to children worldwide and Crushpad, an acclaimed wine-making team using the best vineyards California.

And here’s the India connection – Every bottle and every case of Fledgling wine sold will help promote literacy in Uttarakhand, India. $5/per bottle will go towards this.

By choosing to be involved in the entire wine-making process, Twitter employees have had a fun and rewarding experience. It is great to see young companies like Twitter having a culture which aligns employees to the greater good of society.

Here’s the video from the founders of Twitter, Room To Read and Crushpad sharing their views on this campaign.

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