Twitter’s Move towards Real-Time Search

Signaling a further focus from the Twitter Team on Real Time search, #HashTags are now hyperlinked.

I strongly believe that now, twitter has become one of the best ways to follow live events in real time without media bias. Strengthening their position further Twitter have now made their #Hashtags hypelinked in the default web interface.

#hashtags are twitter’s way to follow “topics” instead of people. You basically insert a “#topic_name” in your tweet to make it easy for someone looking for information on that topic to find your tweet.

This feature was already available in certain clients like TweetDeck, but now it is officially endorsed by the company. This moves indicates their intention to become a dominant player in real-time search field, especially when noted in the background of the fact, that even after numerous request they have not included officially a “retweet button”

Startups take notice, canned goods are old, fresh grocery is in, what do you have on your platter?

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